Reliv Independent Distributor
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 Making a difference and loving it!
My name is Trish Fischer. My husband, Doug, and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but, I have business in all 50 
states and 9 countries. My largest international market is the EU--especially in France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. We have wonderful friends there. It is fun learning my French again. I have learned that no matter where people live, they want health for their families and financial stability for their future!

I am a former R.N. and I love helping people take charge of their health and lifestyles.
The Reliv opportunity fits me perfectly, because, I can do that and still be mom!

Twenty years ago, our life was bats! I was a frustrated, busy, stay-at-home mom with 7 kids (our 8th came one year later). My husband was traveling 4 days/nights/week with a corporate sales job, that he hated. We had enough money to pay our bills, but not much extra. We did not have enough money set aside for future kids' college expenses, weddings or retirement. We had a $ 1500 private school bill every month. We never traveled anywhere exciting. Our vacations were usually camping and it usually rained! I could write a great book about it!

So, I decided to become a Reliv distributor to provide improved wellness for our family with the Reliv products. The business would more than pay for that and we certainly did not need another bill! Early on, both my husband and I began to realize the full potential of the Reliv opportunity. He quit the job that he hated and helped me with the house and the kids, while picking up some part-time Real Estate work. 

For the past 20 years, I have worked this business full-time around being mom to our 8 kids. Within the first 4 years, my Reliv income was double my husband's sales income. It has more than doubled again, since that time. The income, from the business I've been able to build for the past 20 years, has helped us to become totally debt free for college expenses, weddings and even our very large mortgage! Our retirement is set and continues to grow. We have true financial freedom and also time freedom.

We have enjoyed multiple all expense paid bonus trips to amazing 4-5 star resorts all over the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. What a difference from camping or no vacation at all! Eleven years ago, I earned the 1st place bonus in a year long, worldwide sales promotion. Better than a turkey at Thanksgiving!
My nursing career nor my husband's sales career never provided such luxuries!

Yes, the Reliv opportunity is based on amazing, state of the art nutrition and fitness supplements that have greatly improved our lives and the lives of thousands of others. But, in addition, it is based on teaching others to build successful businesses, so they can enjoy better lifestyles (health, wellness and financial/time freedom). It is about building quality, lifelong friendships with awesome people who share our values. But, for us, it has also been about having both parents home for the past 20 years to raise our kids together (my favorite part of our story!). This business has afforded us a lifestyle to provide a moral environment that has definitely helped our children to make great choices. Yes, I have worked hard ( and my husband has worked hard being the support behind the scenes) and I would do it all again!

What a legacy to pass on! It is like passing on a baton of hope that goes all over the world. Aside from being mom ( my joy!), my Reliv business has been the most rewarding thing that I have ever done! I love everything about it. I will never retire from bringing hope to others! I invite you to join me and allow me to pass the baton along to you and your world!